I’m laying in bed next to my beautiful daughter, wondering how such a tiny human being could take up so much space on the bed. ┬áHer head next to mine, positioned perfectly so that with every breath I take in her hair tickles my nose. Her arm folded under her in a way I can only imagine is uncomfortable to wake up to. Her foot jammed into my stomach, and kicks whenever I make the slightest movement. She has an entire bed to sleep on, and she chooses to cuddle up as close to me as possible. She finds warmth and protection from me. She knows that I will keep her safe while she sleeps. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have her sleep in her own bed. Would I really be any more comfortable? Constantly wondering if she’s warm, or if she’s even still breathing. When people ask me why I cosleep I say it’s to make baby feel safe, but I think it’s equally to make me feel safe. I find comfort in watching her little tummy move up and down. Hearing her little snores. She finds protection in me, I find peace in her. I dread the days when she will want to sleep in her “big girl bed.”